A monologue from LINER NOTES has been published (again!)

Hi, all, I'm really pleased to announce that Alice's opening monologue from my stage play LINER NOTES has been published in CONTEMPORARY MONOLOGUES FOR TWENTYSOMETHINGS (Applause Theatre and Cinema books). There are some INCREDIBLE names in this collection, including Topher Payne, Sarah Ruhl, Qui Nguyen, Liz Duffy Adams, Bekah Brunstetter, Naomi Iizuka, Darcy Parker Bruce, Zach Braff, Will Eno, and so many others! You can purchase it on Amazon or here: You can purchase the complete stageplay here:

Second Edition!

Hi, all, I am currently revising my book, Inciting Incidents, for its second edition. This time around the book will be available as en e-book only to save cost for students and any other interested parties. It should be available by the beginning of the fall 2018 term. It's been fun revisiting some of my thoughts, proof-reading (oh, Heavens!) and finding areas that really needed to be either updated or removed as trends have changed (or, in a few cases, I've changed my mind - it does happen!). I'll let you know once it becomes available :) Cheers! JPB


Over the next fourteen months I will be revising my textbook (second edition coming soon!), revisiting an old play, and listening to some music from my youth while working on another project. I can't say more than that for now, but the 2018-2019 academic year is full of promise. :)

Fix (Continued)

As mentioned in a previous post, my short play Fix was produced as part of Axial Theatre's Twisted Valentines. The play then ran with T. Schreiber Studios as part of Schreiber Shorts 2018 at the Robert Moss Theatre. I was tagged in an image and figured I'd share it here: A huge thank you to director Peter Jensen, and performers Elise Finnerty and Julian Gavilanes. Thank you, also, to Keelie Sheridan for the picture.


Lights up on PEANUT BUTTER, age thirteen. He clears his throat and addresses the audience. PEANUT BUTTER When I was in middle school, I had a mullet. Basically, my mom cut my hair away from my eyes because my eyes were pretty and meant to be seen. I was overweight. I wore t-shirts that demonstrated that I knew I was overweight. I still have the Garfield "Curse of the Tummy" t-shirt. I've slimmed down as an adult. The shirt fits again. I wore sweat pants because they were inexpensive and there was no telling when I would stop growing. I ate at least two ice cream sandwiches every lunch time. I was in the library once and a girl named Melina asked a girl named Theresa if I was a boy or a girl.

Finally writing a play about being a twin...

...and it will have a reading in San Francisco in October! I've been invited to write a play for the popular The San Francisco Olympians Festival, a staged reading series celebrating new interpretations of ancient Greek myths held at the historic EXIT Theatre's EXIT Stage Left space. This year, Olympians is focusing on Roman myths, and my play will deal with Romulus, Rome's mythical founder. Because we've been given carte blanche to use as much or as little of the actual myth as we please, I decided to go down the rabbit hole of what it's like being a twin (most of you know I'm a mirror-image twin). I essentially performed what Paul Castagno calls the "Wikipedia-Based Adaptation," creating a

Heading to Fort Worth, TX in April!

Hey, Fort Worth! I'm heading to Texas Christian University next month as part of The English Department's Live Oak Reading Series. I'll be heading in on Sunday, April 8 and leaving on Tuesday, April 10. On April 9th I'll be reading, discussing Liner Notes from stage to screen, visiting a playwriting class, and enjoying all Forth Worth has to offer. Here's a bit more about the Live Oak Reading Series - if you're anywhere near the area I hope you'll check it out :)


For the past two years I've participated in 31Plays/31Days. In August, I wrote a handful of ten-minute plays and one of them has gained some notice. "Fix" tells the story of two old friends who face their demons one day at a time. It's inspired by a prompt (a gloved hand holding a blade - not shard, but a blade - of ice. I combined that image with a few stories that have been rattling around my head since my days of living in upstate, New York. "Fix" has been produced by Axial Theatre as part of Twisted Valentines last month up in Pleasantville, New York. Axial has produced a handful of my short plays the past few years. They are incredibly generous and amazingly talented. "Fix" was then pre

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