Moving right along...

Man...April is almost over already. It was somehow the longest and the shortest month. I'm able to walk without a cane (that was a really long bout of arthritis). There is one final left to administer this semester (we're watching a movie - you're welcome, class!). And I have news! Onion Man Productions will be producing one of my short plays as part of their Summer Harvest: The Street Corner Series this June. The play, "Blue Lantern," is based on a prompt that popped up while working on 31Plays31Days (more on 31/31 in late July). Yes, "Blue Lantern" is another "Color Noun" play (i.e., "Green Sound"). For more information, visit:

JPB at Texas Christian University on Monday

Hi, all! If you find yourselves in the Fort Worth Area on Monday, please head over to Texas Christian University, Moudy 141N. I'm giving a lecture/reading as part of the Live Oak Reading series sponsored by the Department of English :) I'll also be visiting a playwriting class earlier in the day. More information on the reading in the link. Cheers!

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