Artistic Statement

I was just interviewed a moment ago. The interviewer, Nat Nichols, asked me about my artistic statement on NPX. I read it and found I no longer agreed with its thesis. Here's an update: My name is John Patrick Bray and I am a playwright. I write theatre and I write life! In grad school, one of my teachers said “every play is either a killing or a healing.” For some time I believed this to be the case, as I felt that the world must exist in a state of binaries: good vs. evil, life vs. death, light vs. dark. As I’ve gotten a bit older, I no longer believe this to be true. There are forests that only through the tragedy of fire can rejuvenate, can regrow. After a period of mourning the loss o

Troubles that Bind

In just a few weeks, The Arc Theatre will present my short play "Troubles That Bind" as part of arciText's Forbidden Fruit (a Ten-Minute Play Festival). You can learn more about it here: And if you can't make it to Chicago to see the play, you can read it here: My thanks to you all for continuing to support and have faith in my work! Best, JPB

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