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"'What's Wrong with this Play?' Workshops, Audience, and Horizons of Expectations" 

Platform 6.1, Winter 2011

Scholarship - Professor Bray

"Process as Product: The Early Years of the US Playwriting Workshops."

Texas Theatre Journal 10.1, 2014

"'There's Too Many of Them!': Off-Off Broadway's Performance of Geek Culture."

Theatre Symposium 22, 2014

Scholarship - Professor Bray

"Find Clark Kent: Sites of Notalgia and Affect [in Smallville]." 

By Gregory Bray and JP Bray

Book: Mapping Smallville

Scholarship - Professor Bray

"Can You Picture That? Using Visual Media to Inspire Playwrights."

Theatre, Dance, and Performance Training 7.1, 2016

"Playwright as Auteur, Playwright as Producer: The Economics and Aesthetics of the Twenty-First Century American Playwright."

New England Theatre Journal 23, 2012

Scholarship - Professor Bray
Scholarship - Professor Bray

"Playing Together! How the New York Writers’ Bloc Created Camaraderie, Community, and Great Stories."

Theatre Topics 24.1, 2014.

"Picturing the Cradle: Blitzstein as Memory, Blitzstein as Comedy."

Book: The Composers on Screen, 2018

Scholarship - Professor Bray
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