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Featuring "Eleanor's Passing."

Featuring "Blue, Blue Moon"

Featuring "Goodnight Lovin' Trail."

Featuring "With a Bullet (or, Surprise Me)." 

Featuring "Queen."



Next Stage Press, 2010

"[Bray's] philosophical themes are quite intriguing, successfully adding another layer to the familiar Hell Hound tale." - JB Spins, Review of the 2009 Off-Off Broadway Production.

Goodnight Lovin' Trail

Original Works Publishing, 2015

"Goodnight Lovin’ Trail is about as perfect a one act play as I’ve ever come across." - The Happiest Medium, review of the Off-Off Broadway Production


Next Stage Press, 2014

"Donkey captures the current American moment about as well as any play I’ve come across in the past few years. It’s loaded with riveting characters, genuine wisdom about the human condition, unbridled humor, and, when we least expect it, moments of authentic love and understanding that take the breath away." -Martin Denton,; included in Plays and Playwrights 2015.

Resonator Blues

(A play in one act)

JACPublishing, 2011

Christmas in the Airwaves

Next Stage Press, 2017

"Christmas in the Airwaves is a sweet show. It’s got heartache, silliness, and warm fuzzies to go with the cool costumes and beautiful music." - Aisle Say, Review of the Lyric Arts Production in Anoka, MN

Liner Notes

Next Stage Press, 2013

"Bray has fashioned an incisive, touching study about love and generational conflict in the 21st century.", review of the Off-Off Broadway Production


Next Stage Press, 2015

"It’s good to know that creepy is still funny.  The carnival freak in all of us will find something to enjoy about Erik.", review of the Off-Off Broadway production

Trickster at the Gate

Next Stage Press, 2011

Commissioned under

The National Endowment for the Arts Big Read Acadiana Grant

"...a captivating cross-cultural (often funny) play that transcends (what some might dismiss as “trendy”) race issues and enters into that place all art dwells: the core mystery of human spiritual experience. In Trickster that “core” is found in the borderland between spirituality and madness." - Frank Schaeffer, The Huffington Post


Inciting Incidents: Creating Your Own Theatre from Page to Performance

Kendall Hunt, 2015

Second Edition Available Online for Fall 2018.

Featuring "Eleanor's Passing." 



Available to read for free

The Coachella Review

(Use "Contact" link to inquire for rights)



Written by John Patrick Bray

and Gregory Bray

Directed by Gregory Bray

From the stage-plays Liner Notes and "Watery Grave" by John Patrick Bray

Distributed by Distribberr (VOD), available on Amazon (dot) com

Official Selection:

Woodstock Film Festival

Hoboken International Film Festival (Finalist, Audience Choice)

Winner: Broadcast Education Association's Super-Regional Conference's First Place for Narrative Film by Faculty

Featuring "Green Sound."

Featuring "Sorry! (Or, REM Wrote a Song Called 'Losing my Religion.')"

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