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John Neiderer, Director, as Paddy. Photo Credit - Dale Schmitt, Mary Levdansky

Back in July I was approached by @John Neiderer, who had seen and enjoyed my play ERIK: A PLAY ABOUT A PUPPET as part of the 2015 FRIGID NY, to write a short horror film for a possible production noting that it would need to be shot, edited, and ready by late September. I wrote three and asked which one he thought would work. He chose BARFLIES.

Thanks to his work, and the help of friends and executive producers such as longtime bud Joshua Kreitzman, we were able to bring the film into fruition. It will premiere as part of this year’s Horror Realm Con on November 20 at 3:30PM. One of the key speakers at this year’s Horror Realm is CJ Graham, who played Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. If you like 80s horror, you know that is awesome news.

Jeanne Lauren Smith as Ametrida Photo Credit - Dale Schmitt, Mary Levdansky

I am really happy with how this all came together! Huge thanks to everyone involved - our actors, creative team, crew, producers, and the good folks at Jekyll and Hyde. By the way, one of the other shorts I wrote is being filmed by another group as I write. I also learned today that some of my short plays are going to be presented soon, and another short is being published in a literary magazine online. So, it has been a good day for good news! More on those projects later; for now, I hope those of you near Pittsburgh will be able to come and see BARFLIES at Horror Realm Con on November 20 at 3:30PM. Much love to all!

Didi Clown...played by herself....

Photo Credit - Dale Schmitt, Mary Levdansky For more info, visit:

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