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Finally writing a play about being a twin...

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

...and it will have a reading in San Francisco in October!

I've been invited to write a play for the popular The San Francisco Olympians Festival, a staged reading series celebrating new interpretations of ancient Greek myths held at the historic EXIT Theatre's EXIT Stage Left space. This year, Olympians is focusing on Roman myths, and my play will deal with Romulus, Rome's mythical founder.

Because we've been given carte blanche to use as much or as little of the actual myth as we please, I decided to go down the rabbit hole of what it's like being a twin (most of you know I'm a mirror-image twin). I essentially performed what Paul Castagno calls the "Wikipedia-Based Adaptation," creating a content bundle while trying to keep some basic shape of the story. Here's a bit more about my process, and a pic a buddy of mine made some time ago. My brother and I always had to be Tomax and Xamot when we played GI Joe. Always.

Gregg to to be the one with the scar...

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