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  • John Patrick Bray


Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Lights up on PEANUT BUTTER, age thirteen. He clears his throat and addresses the audience.


When I was in middle school, I had a mullet. Basically, my mom cut my hair away from my eyes because my eyes were pretty and meant to be seen.

I was overweight. I wore t-shirts that demonstrated that I knew I was overweight. I still have the Garfield "Curse of the Tummy" t-shirt. I've slimmed down as an adult. The shirt fits again.

I wore sweat pants because they were inexpensive and there was no telling when I would stop growing. I ate at least two ice cream sandwiches every lunch time. I was in the library once and a girl named Melina asked a girl named Theresa if I was a boy or a girl. An old lady used to call my brother and I sisters. After awhile we saw little point in correcting her.

The trouble with being overweight as a kid is no matter what you look like as an adult you will always see the overweight kid.

I'm glad I kept the shirt.

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