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Moving right along...

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Man...April is almost over already. It was somehow the longest and the shortest month. I'm able to walk without a cane (that was a really long bout of arthritis). There is one final left to administer this semester (we're watching a movie - you're welcome, class!). And I have news!

Onion Man Productions will be producing one of my short plays as part of their Summer Harvest: The Street Corner Series this June.

The play, "Blue Lantern," is based on a prompt that popped up while working on 31Plays31Days (more on 31/31 in late July). Yes, "Blue Lantern" is another "Color Noun" play (i.e., "Green Sound"). For more information, visit:

Onion Man Productions will also be producing two of my longer plays: DEAD MOVEMENT (last seen as a staged reading at the Classic City Fringe Festival) and LINER NOTES (first time this one has been produced since being made into a feature film).

Consider this your heads up ;)

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